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My husband has often told me that he is trying to fatten me up so that I can’t run away from him. This contributes to a lot of my sugar and carb intake. He showed up the other day with not just doughnuts from one of my favorite doughnut shops, Dough, but also a Nutella babka from Breads, which I have been dying to try for the longest time.

The glazed doughnut is just a thing of beauty. Airy, light, but with a bit of bite, the glazed from Dough is just one of the best doughnut around.

Dough & Breads

Oh, and look, they turned my fave pie into a doughnut too, those naughty bakers. How sexy is this side shot of it? You know you’re getting turned on.

The Nutella babka from breads? Holy crap this thing is addictive. We almost finished the entire loaf in one day and had to stop ourselves from the gluttony. You get a lovely bread that’s laced with Nutella and chips for a perfect baked good that can be eaten any time of time. Just be warned. You will want to scarf the entire thing down.


14 W 19th str

New York, NY 10011


Breads Bakery

18 E 16th str

New York, NY 10003

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