Don’t Be Fooled, Vesuvio Bakery Is NOT Vesuvio Bakery

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Before I go into the cookie aspect of this bakery, I want to tell you something that might shock you. What is a bit confusing about Versuvio Bakery is that it is no longer Versuvio Bakery. It turns out that Versuvio Bakery, which was an 89-year-old bakery,  closed down in 2008, but I didn’t know that even after I dodged skinny models on the streets of Soho to get myself a cookie there. Quite the contrary, I saw the charming VESUVIO BAKERY sign and the charming door and the charming cookies and skipped right in. I popped the cookies in my bag and hoofed it the nearest train station so that I could get home to share my bag of delights with loved ones and write a post out of it. Remember, I don’t eat as much as I do because I want to. I eat as much as I do so that you guys have something to read about when you’re slacking off in the office and surfing facebook and the internet in general.

So imagine our surprise when we were huddled around a coconut cookie, a chocolate chip cookie and an oatmeal raisin cookie and someone (not me because I’m too busy staring at the cookies) notices that the wrapping actually says Birdbath Bakery, brought to you by The City Bakery. What the? The bakery looked so cute and quaint, I wanted Vesuvio cookies, not modern City Bakery cookies. Apparently, The City Bakery bought the Vesuvio location after they closed and said that they wanted to keep it the way it was because it is a New York institution. You know, not for nothing, but I wouldn’t have minded a warning or something before I walked in, spent my money and walked out. I get the whole idea of preserving the look and honoring them and all, but it’s kind of false advertising. But I guess I’m not one to talk since guys never realize I’m actually 5” shorter than I look once I take my heels off.

Cookie talk now.  So we are talking about City Bakery cookies, three of them.

Their famous Chocolate Chip cookie: Thin, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, decked out with tons of chocolate chunks and for some reason to my taste buds even tastes like there is a hint of alcohol in it, which I just might be tasting from something burnt in the cookie. This is a good cookie, but it was never my favorite and still isn’t. It kind of feels like they are trying too hard and wanted to pack a lot of flavor in a thin cookie, but really just felt overloaded in the end with chocolate and butter.

Coconut cookie: Not gonna’ lie, at first bite I was swooning. Nutty, buttery, and a perfect crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. However, coconut is very oily and after a few bites, between the butter and the coconut, the entire cookie did feel oily. Really amazing coconut flavor and quite delicious, but definitely a sharing cookie so that you don’t get that nauseas feeling in the end.

Oatmeal raisin: Now this is what I’m talking about. Like the other two, it had that buttery, sugary outside crisp and chewiness on the inside and was a fantastic cookie. My favorite out of the three. The butter was in perfect portion to the rest of the cookie, it was rich in flavor, not heaviness, and will probably become one of the better oatmeal raisin cookies that you have ever tasted.

6.5 out of 10

-Joyce Huang

Birdbath Bakery

160 Prince Street

New York, NY 10012-5341

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