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Donna Bell's

Wow. Was this place amazing. Donna Bell’s Bake Shop in midtown west is fantastic. Definitely one of my preferred bakeries to go to now. Keep in mind that it is takeout only, so be prepared to go somewhere else to eat your food.

One of the owners is Pauley Perrette, who you might know from CSI. I know who she is now because my husband loves that show. Three years ago I would’ve asked you what CSI was. We made it a point to go there on our day off and I could not stop myself from buying things. Everything looked so wonderful and lovely.

We got everything from thick biscuits and chocolate-cherry cupcakes, to lemon bars and brownies. The lemon bar, not so great. It stayed in our freezer for about a month because neither of us wanted to finish it. I didn’t get that tartness or sweetness that I love when biting into one. However, everything else we purchased was fantastic. The brownie was soft, gooey and delicious. The biscuits were divine with butter. If I wasn’t watching my weight, I would’ve gotten some ham or bacon and eggs, and made them into sandwiches. The cupcakes were very satisfying and not too sweet. Be sure to check this place out when you can. Worth the calories.

Donna Bell’s Bake Shop

301 West 49th str.

New York, NY 10019

Joyce Huang

Donna Bell's Bakeshop

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