Sponsored Post: Do You Eat Prawn & Shrimp Heads?

Growing up on Asian cuisines, it wasn’t really anything I thought about till I started going to dim sum with friends. One of my favorite dishes to order is a simple plate of seasoned fried shrimp because the heads are so damn delicious. I’d always bite off the head and enjoy the crispness, lightness and delightful flavors it held and THEN eat the shrimp body as an afterthought. While I was doing this, my friends would toss the heads into a garbage pile and even peel off the fried skin, only eating the meat of the shrimp. At first they all thought I was being disgusting, but after trying it, there has never been a shrimp head left at the table since.

As time goes on though, I see more and more head-on shrimp and prawn dishes being featured everywhere. 1) Here’s a head-on stir-fry recipe that has become one of my BFF’s favorite dishes. 2) While watching Top Chef Masters the other night, Chef Sang Yoon created a dish with a fried shrimp head that ended up being the judge’s favorite. Woot! 3) I remember a few years ago I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Duff Goldman said that he would go into this regular Japanese restaurant of his and order a plate of fried shrimp heads, even though it wasn’t on the menu. 4) Visually, when serving shrimp and prawn dishes, leaving the whole animal in tact can look quite beautiful. These stunning head-on prawn pictures that you are seeing? They’re from 100 Hoxton (http://100hoxton.com), which is a new, up and coming Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of London. See! Everyone is doing it.

If you have the opportunity to cook or eat a dish that contains head-on shrimp or prawn, be sure to try it! If it’s fried, you can eat the head and tail. If it’s not fried, just suck on the head like you would a crawfish.

Trust me! You are missing out if you don’t.

Joyce Huang

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