Delicious Indonesian Corn Fritters

After seeing these Indonesian corn fritters on Food Network s  The Best Thing I Ever Ate,  I knew that I had to try them. The only type of corn fritters I have ever ate were small fried balls of batter that were filled with a sweet creamed corn type filling. These Indonesian corn fritters from the restaurant E&O Trading that I heard Brian Boitano describing didn’t sound or look like what I had had before. So off to I went to see if I could find a clip of the segment and get more information.

After I watched the segment a couple more times and jotted down some notes, I knew what ingredients I needed, I just had to figure out the proportions. But then I realized that since I have never had E&O s version, I would have nothing to compare mine too, so it really didn t matter how much of what I put in since I would have no idea if I made them wrong.  It was a kitchen free for all, but let me tell you, the results were really good. These are basically thin patties of fresh corn on the cob kernels fried in a thin layer of batter and they were crunchy, flavorful and addicting. Each corn kernel pops in your mouth as you bite into it, they’re kind of fun to eat. I ll definitely be keeping this recipe on file for future dinner parties.

For eight 2  x 3  patties


3 large ears of fresh corn on the cob

1 tsp of salt

1/2 of a green pepper diced

2 eggs (scramble them up, don’t cook it, just scramble it with a fork)

1/4-3/4 cup of flour

Scallions, sliced thin, a small handful

Celery, diced small, a big handful

Now What?

Slice the kernels off the cob. I learned a neat trick from watching Rachel Ray on television. Take a big mixing bowl and put a small bowl upside down in it. This way, you can rest the corn of the cob on the upside down bowl while you are slicing the kernels off, and instead of bouncing all over the place, the kernels will fall right into the mixing bowl.

Take a shallow pot or pan and heat up 2 inches of oil (I used canola). Heat it up on a low-medium heat (I started off with too much heat and the oil exploded all over my kitchen.

In a bowl gently mix together all the ingredients except for the flour. When all the ingredients are mixed well, sprinkle in 1/4 cup of flour. You DON’T want the mixture to be runny, you want it to be able to hold together and look sticky. If it s not sticky or holding together, keep sprinkling in more flour till it becomes a sticky texture.

When the oil is hot enough to start frying with, you will see it start to ripple a little bit, take a massive spoonful of the mixture and ladle it into the oil. You don t want a ball shape, you want a think layer, like in the above picture, so pat it down if you have to. When the bottom it a golden brown, flip it and fry till the oil side is golden brown as well. Drain the oil on paper towels.

Serve as is, but if you want a dipping sauce try

-Sweet Thai chili sauce

-Soy sauce mixed with sesame oil, sugar and vinegar


-Joyce Huang

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