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I LOVE fresh juices and smoothies. I’ll work on a smoothie post later on, so be sure to come back. This one is going to focus solely on some of the recent juice combos. I have a juice or smoothie almost everyday. I just feel better when I do. I DO NOT use it as a meal replacement. It’s just a drink that I have along with a meal, or that I keep at my desk while I am working to sip throughout the day.

Also, I like drinking my juice with a straw, so instead of wasting straws everyday, I bought a reusable, 24 OZ, Starbuck cup and straw. With ice, my juices pretty much go to the top of this cup.

My juicer at home is an Omega J8006. It was a splurge for our home, and I absolutely am obsessed with it. The pulp from veggies comes out so dry, so it’s extracting so much juice. Fruit can be a little pulpy in it though, just FYI. I also like how easy to easy it is to clean. Just make sure you have a tiny brush to quickly scrub it under water. Also remember to clean the machine parts right after you use it, otherwise the scraps will dry hard and be extremely hard to get off. There is probably a newer model now, but at the time I decided on this one after spending night after night watching and reading John Kohler juicer reviews. He is AMAZING! His garden, juicing and juicer YouTube Videos are so educational. Plus, he also has an e-commerce juicer website at

You can throw pretty much any vegetable and fruit into a juicer. Watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, carrots, even yams. Use up produce that you worry you are going to waste, or veggies that you don’t feel like you have eaten enough of.

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Absolutely one of my faves is:




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Plus the colors are just so pretty.

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This combo was incredibly delicious and refreshing. The flavors came together so beautifully.

Red Pepper




Prickly Pear


Juice recipes 2I can’t remember what this tasted like exactly, but this was one of those concoctions that I put together because I had produce that I didn’t want to go bad.





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