Deep Fried Pork Belly Recipe

Pork Belly Recipes b

In the past year, I was working cray-cray hours. It was 120-140 hour work weeks in order to get and off the ground and successful. Somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in a wedding and my husband has thankfully put up with my schedule. I’m going to be very insistent that for the next year I make time for sleep (I’ve never had such dark circles under my eyes before), my husband (after all, what’s the point of getting married if you never spend time with your spouse), my family (they drive me crazy, but they are my treasures), food (it’s just so damn interesting) and getting the to gym here and there (bathing suit season will be here before I even know it).

Today, I wanted to try and experiment with some Berkshire pork bellies that Fresh Direct had on sale. They looked beautiful and I wanted to make things with pork belly that I hadn’t in the past. When I started researching online, all the recipes took forever and let’s face it…I’m very impatient. So I kind of just winged it and kept tasting with each step, in the end I created two very easy and simple pork belly recipes that anyone can do.

This post here is for a deep fried pork belly recipe and I’ll be posting another pork belly recipe that has a bit of Asian flair to it.


Pork Belly (however much you want to cook, I used half of a slab)

2 Cups of Flour

Salt to season the flour (Season less than more because you can always add more salt before eating, I just did a short pour out of the salt canister.)

Canola oil to cover the pork belly in a pot or pan.

Pork Belly Recipe e

Now What?

Heat the oil in the pan.

Cut your pork belly in half lengthwise.

Then cut into chunks.

Mix the flour and salt together.

Toss the pork belly in the flour mixture.

 Pork Belly Recipes d

Now we want to fry the pork belly chunks. Don’t know if the oil is hot enough? When you think it is hot enough, then put in one piece of floured pork belly. Bubbles should be shooting off of it. If there are no bubbles,  wait till bubbles are furiously shooting off of the pork and then gently place in the rest of the floured pork chunks. GENTLY because you don’t want to splash yourself with hot oil.

When the pork chunks look golden, drain them on paper towels, flour then again and then fry them again for 3 minutes. Drain them on paper towels.

 Pork Belly Recipes c

At this point when I took them out, the color on the pork belly was gorgeous. However, I didn’t feel like there was enough crisp, so I threw them into the oil for a few more minutes until they go really dark (when they look slightly burnt), took them out and drained them.

 Pork Belly Recipes b

It was at this point that they were nice and crispy. Season with more salt at this point if you want and eat away!

Joyce Huang


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