Deep Fried Broccoli

Is it still healthy if it’s deep fried? Probably not, but it was pretty damn good. I have to figure out a different type of liquid to dip the broccoli florets in because it seems to repel water, but it did the job for what I was craving at the moment. I’m so tired of eating sautéed broccoli, so when I found some panko crumbs in the cupboards, I knew what I had to do.




Panko bread crumbs

Broccoli (Just the florets is fine)

Oil (I used canola)

Salt to taste

Now What?

Fill a pot with enough oil to cover a layer of broccoli and heat it till it’s ready to deep fry.

In one bowl fill it up with panko crumbs. In another bowl scoop in about 10 TBS of cornstarch and very little, by little keep adding in water and stirring it till it has a thick, but liquidly consistency. Dip each floret into the batter and then coat with panko bread crumbs. You may notice that the florets might be repelling the water. This is why we dip the floret back into the batter and the panko bread crumbs a SECOND time. And then place it into the hot oil. Keep doing this with all of the florets. When the broccoli is a light golden color, take it out and drain on paper towels. Sprinkle on some salt to taste and you are ready to go.

Not expecting much because I was having problems with the batter staying on, I have to say that they were really good. There’s something really addicting about them. I think it’s a combination of the salty crunch of the outside and the perfectly cooked broccoli on the inside that make you never want to stop eating them. If you try this and love it, be sure to try some baked kale if you haven’t already!

-Joyce Huang

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