Decadent Butter Baked Carrots

Sweet and buttery, these baked carrots are so hard to stop eating. I use full sized carrots because they are much sweeter than their baby counterparts.  Although, they take about 45-60 minutes to cook, you won’t have to pay too much attention to them, so you can go off and cook something else, or just do your own thing.


10 carrots

3 TBS of butter, each TBS should be divided in half

Salt to taste

Now What?

Heat your over to 350 degrees.

Peel all of your carrots and place in a baking dish.

Dot the butter on top of the carrots.

Place the carrots in the oven and turn them every 15-20 minutes.

After about 45-60 minutes, they will start to lightly brown, and you know that they are ready to eat.

Serve on a plate and if you want, pour the melted butter in the baking pan over it to make it glisten even more.

If you want, add a sprinkling of salt to taste.

-Joyce Huang

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