Day 6 of Back to Clean Eating-End of 100% Clean Eating

Food Diary 6

Down 1/2LB, Total 3 ½ LBS.

1 Cup of Watermelon

2 Big Bowls of Kabocha soup made with vegetable stock, kabocha and tomatoes

It’s the eve of the Moon Festival, so I celebrated in Chinatown with my family. I definitely wasn’t going to be clean eating at this dinner, not because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t want to, lol. So the Moon Festival ended my 5 days of 100% clean eating.

I ended up eating ½ roasted pork bun, Yee noodles, pork soup dumplings, General Tso’s Chicken (ordered a certain Caucasian man at our table) and fish soup casserole.


I do have to say that because I have been eating only fruits and vegetables for the past 5 days, eating noodles and meat made me incredibly sleepy. I could’ve put might head right down at the dinner table and passed out.

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