Day 1 of Back to Clean Eating

Food Diary 1

So here’s day one of eating clean again. “Trying” to be more hardcore about it for the first few days so I can get, what is hopefully, water weight off of me. Though I did have a little lick of lemon curd because a friend of mine asked me to make him a jar of it and I needed to taste it before I passed it on to him…and also I forgot about a restaurant reservation that I had set up.

Today went like this:

1 cup broccoli steamed (Will be eating a lot of broccoli. I bought Patrick a ton of frozen broccoli for when he was training for a Crossfit competition, and now that he isn’t anymore, I want to make some space in our freezer.)

1 LB Baby grapes – So delicious! I had them for the first time this week and they are really good. Sweet, but not too sweet. Ie, Cotton Candy grapes are way too sweet for me to eat.

Salad: Half a head of romaine lettuce, sprinkle of sundried tomatoes, half an ear of raw corn.

Soup: A big bowl of kabocha squash soup I made with homemade chicken broth (hate wasting food, so saved the bones from roasted chicken that I gave my doggies to make it). I also added in ¾ cup of broccoli.

8 purple figs

16 pieces of sushi: Apparently my memory has gone to shite because I got a reminder around dinner time that I had a dinner reservation at Tanoshi in about 45 minutes, which I thought I scheduled for Friday. So even though it wasn’t on my clean eating plan, I had an omakase dinner, with a couple of extra pieces thrown in, so maybe 16 pieces of sushi for dinner. The staff and food were amazing, I will definitely be writing this place up!

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