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OK, this is going to be a very weird review of Daniel. I went there for dinner about nine months ago when Patrick took me there for my birthday and I just wanted to relax the entire night, and didn’t take any pictures. Plus, it was so long ago, that I can’t remember every single thing I ate.

Why am I writing about it now? I was lucky enough to be selected as a judge to vote for top restaurants in NYC for Tabelog, which recently launched in the United States. And it’s weird if I vote for a restaurant that I don’t even have a review for on my own site, so therefore this makeshift write up. Plus, I can’t nominate a restaurant without having a review of it, so here it goes:

Now what I want to tell you about Daniel is that they had two things that have clearly stayed in my mind.

1) The focaccia in their bread basket was outstanding. They had to come back to our table four times…yes, four times,…with the bread basket just so I could have more focaccia. It was soft, beautifully seasoned and so damn addicting.
2) The Duo of Beef was absolutely incredible. It consisted of:
Braised black angus short ribs with horseradish-cauliflower purée, hen of the wood and broccoli.
Seared wagyu tenderloin with crispy potato and smoked beef tongue. I devoured that entire dish even though I was stuffed from everything else I had and drank. This dish was stellar and the reason why I want to nominate and vote for it on Tabelog.

Daniel was truly a fantastic experience and a restaurant that I will be going back to. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


60 E 65th str

New York, NY 10065

(212) 288-0033

Joyce Huang
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