Crio Bru Brewed Cocoa/Cacao Review

I got some Crio Bru brewed cocoa beans/cacao beans to try out from the company directly and I have to say that I’m really loving it. Made from 100% cacao beans, they look like they have been roasted and crushed. I can easily see this becoming a normal household drink just like coffee and tea it. If you brew it lightly, it tastes like a chocolate tea. Stronger, it’s more like a coffee. It smells and tastes just like a high quality hot chocolate made with water and minus the sugar (until you add it).


When you open up the bag you are immediately hit with an intense whiff of fragrant chocolate. It’s quite wonderful.

All I do to make it is use a French press. For each 8 oz. cup of brewed cacao I use 3 TBS of Crio Bru when I want it very strong. Their directions suggest using 2 TBS per 6 oz. cup of water.

You can drink it plain or add whatever you normally add to your teas and coffees. I prefer mine either plain, light with cream, or with tasty condensed milk. For the last two options it starts bordering on tasting like a light hot cocoa drink.

On their website they mention that cacao beans have more antioxidants than acai, pomegranates and blueberries combined. Sounds pretty healthy to me. And apparently cacao helps you burn fat faster and is a natural stimulant. The only con about this drink is its long brewing time. I let it seep for about 12 minutes before pressing the top of my French press down.

Visit their website directly for my health benefits and info on cacao beans. They source their beans from so many different countries, which affects the taste of each brew. Sample a few until you find your favorite.

-Joyce Huang

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