Creamy Mexican Green Sauce Recipe

Creamy Mexican Green Sauce 1

The first time I remember having a creamy green sauce at a Mexican restaurant was when I stopped in at El Aguila with my husband for lunch. The food was fantastic, but I’ll do a separate post on that later on. What this post is about is the creamy green sauce that I had there. I should’ve asked what it was called, but I was in a food coma and just kind of waddled out of there. I assumed that this sauce was made with avocados and jalapenos, but I was completely wrong after I searched online about what this sauce was. It was just so creamy that I assumed that avocados were in there, plus, the color threw me off. And can I just say that there are so many different ways to make this sauce when you search for it online. Some of the recipes are a bit complicated too.

One day I found some leftover jalapenos in the fridge and figured I would just try and make up a recipe for it. I wanted to make a recipe that was easy because sometimes the simplest foods taste the best…and also because I was feeling very lazy and wanted to go to bed.

I had around 5-6 jalapenos that turned into a ¾ full jar of a delicious, Mexican, creamy green sauce that you will want to dip everything in. One of my favorite ways to eat is simply with freshly fried tortilla chips that are lightly salted, and of course, you can pour it over tacos or mix it into rice bowls.

Creamy Mexican Green Sauce 2



5-6 jalapenos

A few pinches of salt

1 garlic clove

Half an onion

Salad dressing oil (I had canola on hand, so used that). I didn’t measure, just stopped when I reached the consistency that I wanted.


Now What?

In a small pot, boil water and throw in the jalapenos, garlic clove and half onion. When everything is cooked so that it is soft (around 10-12 minutes/once the jalapeno has become dull in color), take the pot off of heat. Strain everything out of the water and place cooked ingredients into a blender with salt and a ¼ cup of oil (you should probably discard the stems, but I have accidentally thrown them into the blender and the sauce still came out fine). Keep the top open and cover with a towel when you start blending. If you leave the blender sealed, the heat can make it burst, which you do not want to happen unless you are a masochist. As the ingredients are blending, drizzle in a thin stream of oil until you reach a light green color and a creamy consistency. Taste and if needed add more salt. That’s it!

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