Creamy and Simple Tomato Sauce and Pasta

I was flipping through blogs one day and saw a tasty pasta recipe that I was really excited about making. However it turns out that after I made it, Mr. Juice told me that I had made up something in the kitchen a long time ago, just altering it slightly depending on what we had in the kitchen. Luckily, both times it came out tasty. If you are looking for a slightly sweet pasta dish with a creamy finish and hints of smoky bacon, then give this recipe a whirl.


4 slices of bacon (use as much as you want, I only had 4 slices left, and dice it up)

1/2 cup of heavy cream

1 pound of pasta

Frozen peas (optional, Mr. Juice doesn’t like them)

Fresh ground black pepper (as much as you want)

Pasta sauce (I used Francesca Rinaldi sweet and tasty tomato-by using a pre-made sauce I saved time from having to season it. You can use plain crushed tomatoes, etc, just be prepared to add if you favorite seasonings)

1 medium onion (diced)

1/2 cup white wine or cooking wine

Salt (two pinches)

Olive oil (to cover your cooking pan)

Now What?

Boil a big pot of water  for your pasta.

While that’s heating up, in a pan, cover the bottom with olive oil till it’s hot and then toss in your onions. Every once in a while give it a stir. When you see that they are cooked through, but still white, throw in your bacon. Keep cooking the two together till your onions are almost translucent and your bacon is crispy. Depending on how fatty your bacon is, you might have a layer of oil in the pan. Push the bacon and onions to one side of the pan and spoon out the oil/fat and discard. Put the pan back on heat and toss in the oil.

At this point, boil your pasta because by the time the pasta is done cooking, your sauce will be done as well.

Go back to your pan of bacon and onions, toss in the wine over a medium heat and after it has about half cooked off, pour in your tomato sauce. As it heats up, keep mixing it once in a while so that the bottom doesn’t burn. After it starts simmering, pour in your heavy cream , salt and tons of black pepper. Stir all this together and after it starts bubbling, keep letting it bubble for about 5 minutes to thicken up and so that the flavors come together better.  Let rest.

Drain your pasta, in a big bowl, toss with the sauce. I like adding in peas, but since Mr. Juice doesn’t like peas, I only add them to my portions.

It wasn’t a hard dish to make and took me 20 minutes to make. Not bad at all.

-Joyce Huang

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