Crazy Easy Mango-Banana Soft Serve Recipe

banana ice cream at home

If you read my blog or are one of my ex-boyfriends who actually listened when I talked or are Patrick, then you know that soft serve ice cream or fro-yo is my favorite dessert. For a really healthy, clean and easy version, you can turn a frozen banana into soft serve ice cream with the help of a blender. I wrote about a plain version of it here.

Recently I had a case of mangoes, so that definitely go incorporated into my latest version. All you have to do is cut up a banana, whatever other fruit you want and then freeze all of it. When you are ready for some sweets, all you have to do is blend the fruit with a little bit of milk (I use Organic Valley) or even cream if you want. When I say little, I mean like maybe start with 1/8 of a cup.

Then from there blend, stop, scrape the sides down, add a little bit more milk if needed, blend, repeat. It will start coming together just like soft serve.

You don’t want to put a lot of milk in the blender because it will turn into a smoothie/milkshake.

As always, you can always add on, not take out, so always use increments.

I love this because it doesn’t have added sugar, tastes fresh and makes a lot. With 1 large mango and 2 medium bananas we ended up with three really big bowls of it, which is fine because we can devour this stuff.

how to make ice cream from bananas

If you are just getting into healthier eating with lots of clean eating or fresh fruits and veggies, this concoction might seem to need some sugar. But if you are use to the taste of fresh product and eat it frequently, it will probably just taste like fresh, creamy, soft serve to you.

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