Cook Up Some Steaks Without A Grill

I’ve been really into cooking up steaks at home lately, simply because I love me some meat.  This week I cooked up a rib-eye steak in a marinade, and then a simple T-Bonesteak  later on in the week.

Because I don’t have a grill, I get steaks that are 1 inch thick so that I can just sear them in a hot pan, and not have to finish them off in the oven. It saves time,w hich is great because my mouth starts watering the second I hear them sizzling in the pan.

For the marinated rib-eye


1 rib-eye steak, cut 1 inch thick

1/2 cup of soy sauce

5 sliced cloves of garlic

6 TBS of brown sugar

-Mix the soy sauce, garlic and sugar together, and marinate the steak in it for at least 30 minutes,  or up to 24 hours.

For the T-Bone

I wanted to serve it for breakfast with eggs and toast, so I only seasoned it with salt and pepper. I was heavy handed wit h the seasonings to add more flavor to the meat. Serve with A1 sauce if you wish to.


When I cooked up the steaks, I used the same method for each steak. I heated up a really good pan with with olive oil (that coated the entire bottom) and 1 TBS of butter. If you just use butter, the butter will burn, which is why I also use oil. After about 2-3 minutes on medium heat,  the pan should be really hot. Throw in the steak at this point to give it a really good sear, which will keep in all of those lovely steak juices.  Honestly, I have no idea how long I cook it on each side, it’s kind of a gut feeling, but just check on it every couple of minutes till you see that it is seared nicely, and then just flip it to the other side and do the same. When I see both sides have been seared nicely, I’ll let it cook for another minute and then take it off the heat to let it rest for a few minutes and then I’ll slice it up.

My steaks both came out medium-rare with this type of cooking method, which is my favorite. Ignore the first couple of slices at the bottom of the breakfast picture, because those were reheated slices of rib-eye, and by re-heating those slices cause them to go further than medium-rare.

Steak is so good. And when you make it at home, it’s so much cheaper than eating them at restaurants.

-Joyce Huang

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