Container Garden Update & Thai Basil Plant Flowering

Container Garden 2

How pretty? I thought it was so pretty that I didn’t want to pinch it, but I had to in order to keep my plant going. I’ve written about pinching before, so I won’t write about it here again, but lots of good and bad stuff going on in the container garden.

-Had to pinch off the scallions, sweet basil and Thai basil, but they are all growing in so nice and full.

-Hacked down my black nightshade plant. I brought this home because it was growing wild in my mom’s garden, but I think once in a while she will use Miracle Gro soil on some of her plants. I am NOT a fan of Miracle Gro soil. Every time I have used it, thousands of these white/yellow eggs get laid under the leaves of all of my plants and then I have to throw out all of my plants. Once those eggs hatch, they infiltrate any other plant I have and have a field day in my apartment. I once spent an hour or two wrapping duct tape around my hands trying to catch them all.

I was clipping some nightshade to eat and I noticed that those same eggs were under all of the leaves, so I’m wondering if it’s because of the soil she used. So I chopped it down to save my other plants. Hopefully it will grow back, bug free. I also threw in some berries in the dirt for wishful thinking.

-Orange tree looks even deader than usual, but I refuse to toss it. Again wishful thinking is the theme of my garden.

-Tons of tomatoes are growing now. If any turn red we have yet to see.

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