Classic Lobster Salad Roll

Everyone also says to me, “Juice, why do you always buy so many freaking lobsters.” Whenever I invite people over for a lobster boil, I always buy a few extra because I know that after my guests leave, I will always sneak another one to eat, crap and all. By “crap” I mean the lobster roe, which is red and the digestive tract or tomalley, which is green. I can’t help it, I luvs it. Yes, I am one of those “crap” eaters to the point that everyone else gives me their “crap” because I think it tastes so good and my guests, aside from my family, are too disgusted by it to eat it. I guess something that I even call “crap” doesn’t sound or look that appetizing, but it really is.

But another reason why I always buy extra is because that way I can make lobster salad rolls the next day for lunch. You have already seen my Sweet and Spicy Asian lobster roll, but this week, after New Year’s Eve, I opted for more of a classic lobster salad roll. Although, I would have preferred celery salt in this recipe, you all know by now that when I realize that I have run out of something, I am already immersed in cooking and plus, just too lazy to put shoes on to run out. Seasoning salt worked just fine and it was a lovely sandwich.

Ingredients for lobster salad

1 lb lobster, all the meat taken out and chopped up, I like doing half inch pieces

2 tbs of mayo

2 tbs of celery diced, small

3/4 tbs of diced onion, small

2 big pinches of seasoning salt

1 big pinch of garlic powder

1 big pinch of onion powder

Ingredients for bread

2 squares of butter

2 pieces of white bread or a potato hot dog roll

Now What?

In a bowl, mix together all of your ingredients for your lobster salad and pop it in the fridge. I always do this first because I want the flavors to meld together.

Now start working on your bread. I had white bread, so that’s what I used. I melted a square of butter in a pan, dipped on side of the bread quickly in it and then flipped it to the other side and let it toast/fry on that side.

When it is golden brown, flip it and do the same to the other side. After that slice is done, melt your next tab of butter and fry up your second slice of bread. I like letting it cool down for about five minutes and then I stuff it with as much lobster salad as I can. Give it a squeeze of lemon if you wish, I prefer to, you don’t even taste the citrus, but it takes away some of the heaviness of the mayonnaise.

Goodness on a plate. I ate it with potato chips and it was delicious!


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