Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas 4

I like Italian-themed Christmas dinners when it comes to the food portion of the evening. With American Christmas dinners, it feels too similar to Thanksgiving. Plus, I love me some pasta. When I was a teenager, I would go to my ex-boyfriend’s aunt and granny’s home to eat and eat and eat. On Christmas Eve we would do all seafood and pasta to channel the Feast of the Seven Fishes and start making stufoli. Once midnight would hit, all the charcuterie came out and we would snack while the smaller kids opened their gifts. Then on Christmas day we had an extreme version of Sunday dinner with more pasta, sausages, meatballs, potatoes and more.

Because I couldn’t remember the last time I had an Italian Christmas, Patrick was kind enough to let me have one for our first Christmas together as a married couple. On Christmas eve we went to my aunt and uncle’s home for dinner. Then on Christmas day, we got to cracking on cooking. We cooked all the main courses ourselves and ordered all the desserts. Everything was perfect.┬áKeep in mind that all this food was just for the two of us. I know it’s a lot, but it lasted us for a very long time.

Christmas 13

Christmas 8

Patrick made the most amazing hot and sweet sausage lasagna. It took two hours to prep and I ate it for a week, never getting tired of it.

Christmas 16To go with the lasagna, I cooked up a rib-eye steak, spaghetti with sauce, meatballs and rope sausage.

Christmas 14

Christmas 6

Christmas 5Not Italian at all, but I had never had a Buche de Noel before, so I ordered one from the French bakery, La Tropezienne. It was absolutely delicious with its soaked sponge cake and fudgy frosting. I could eat this everyday.

Christmas 1From Rocco’s, I ordered Strufoli (fried dough rolled in honey)…

Christmas 2Italian Butter Cookies…

Christmas 3And a Panettone (a sweet bread with dried fruits).


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