Chocolate Paleo Mug Cake Recipe

paleo dessert recipesThis is only for those who are on strict Paleo diets. Otherwise the coconut flour texture and lack of sugar might taste strange and why not just eat a regular slice of cake then?

In a small bowl in microwave melt 2tbs butter or coconut spread. Take it out and mix in a pinch of vanilla bean/2eggs/1 tbs pure maple syrup . In another bowl mix 3tbs coconut flour/2 tbs unsweetened cacao powder/pinch of baking soda. Mix both mixtures together. Grease a mug and pour mixture in and microwave for 2 min.

For topping you can use fruit/honey/etc but since my husband can’t have that (he’s pretty strict with Paleo) I took 2 TBS almond butter/1/2 TBS coconut butter/2TBS maple syrup, heated it in microwave a little, mixed till smooth and poured that over.

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