Chinese Soy Milk VS American Soy Milk

Chinese Soy Milk

I don’t like American soy milk. It’s watery, not very substantial and I honestly just don’t think that it tastes very good.

It’s not because I don’t like soy milk. It’s because I was raised on Chinese soy milk. Chinese soymilk is rich, creamy and feels really satisfying. It tastes completely different from its American counterpart. Growing up, when I was younger, my mom would buy me a bottle of it to drink while we ran errands around Chinatown. You have the option of buying it sweetened or unsweetened. As an adult, sometimes I’ll heat it up and sip it like a cup of cozy, warm milk.

My mom and grandmother made soymilk from scratch at one point. Needless to say, it tasted good, but was such an excruciating and painfully long process, it never happened again. However, I’m sure that in today’s world, there is some fancy, Asian soy milk gadget that one can purchase that can make it a lot easier though.

I snag mine in Chinatown. The corner delis usually carry it. If not in plastic bottles, then in boxes, like American juice boxes.

Def give it a try.

Joyce Huang

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