Chinese Scrambled Eggs and Tomato

My granny’s food has been on my mind lately and one of the staples we had for either breakfast or dinner was a simple dish or scrambled eggs and tomatoes. It is either a Chinese thing or a Taiwanese thing, but definitely something other Asian families whip up as well. So when I’m feeling a bit homesick, it’s something that can be cooked up so quickly and easily. It’s a great dish over just plain white rice because you get different textures that mix together wonderfully and the acid of the tomatoes is balanced out by the eggs. Man, I kind of want another bowl now. Too bad I killed all the tomatoes already.


Tomatoes cut into big chunks (you don’t want cherry or grape tomatoes, 1 plum tomato would be fine)

3 Scrambled eggs with salt to taste

Sesame oil (not needed, but a nice way to finish the eggs off)

Drizzle of oil for pan

Now What?

Heat up the oil in a pan and scramble up the eggs. Set the eggs to the side.

In the same pan, add it a bit more oil and sauté the tomatoes until they are soft and cooked through. Toss with the eggs and add more salt if needed.

-Joyce Huang

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