Chinese Comfort Food: Noodles


Noodles are a mainstay in the Chinese culture. It’s so simple, so cheap, and so delicious. I love this picture I found on my computer because it really is a vision of comfort food to me.

In this pic you have some dried noodled that I boiled in water. The noodles were like $5-$6 for 5 pounds. The box will last you a very long time. Boil it, strain if you wish, and them toss with some good soy sauce and sesame oil.

I know a lot of people lose weight when they’re sick, but I tend to gain weight when I’m under the weather. This is because my version of comfort food when I’m sick is definitely not low fat. What I always crave, whether I have the flu, cold, fever, etc, is a big bowl of broth with thin wonton egg noodles and roast duck. So hearty, warm, and just makes me feel so good.

Joyce Huang

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