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Cave Tools recently sent over a meat tenderizer for me to check out and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with it. Before I show you how to make this flavorful chicken paillard, here’s a discount code for you to use if you are interested in purchasing it on Amazon for $14.99.

Meat Tenderizer 15% Off: KRYLK4CT

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You can also purchase any of their tools at, but the code will only work on Amazon.

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The meat tenderizer has a really nice weight to it, one side for tenderizing and one side for flattening. It’s great for making everything from schnitzel, chicken fried steak, and this healthy chicken paillard that you can bulk cook and freeze if you want.


6-7 small chicken breasts

½ cup of olive oil salad dressing


Now What?

Chicken paillard is basically a flattened chicken breast. It’s great because it marinades super fast and cooks in under 5 minutes.

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Use tongs to keep your hands nice and clean.

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Put one chicken breast in a gallon zip lock bag, but do not zip up the bag. If you do, once you start pounding and tenderizing, the bag might pop due to the air trapped inside.

Once the chicken is in, pound on each side with the tenderizer over the entire surface.

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Then, with the flat side, use the mallet to flatten and spread out the meat. Do this by gently swinging down and out. Make sure to keep your other hand out of the way.

When the chicken is flattened (you don’t want it to be see-thru, just thin and not ripping), marinate in the salad dressing for 20-30 minutes.

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Spray a pan and on medium-high heat, cook each side until gently browned, sprinkle with salt. Do not overcook so that the chicken stays nice and juicy.

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Use the chicken on salads, in sandwiches, wraps and much more.

Joyce Huang

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