Cave Tools Meat Claws Review

Meat Claws

Cave Tools sent over a pair of their meat claws for us to try out and they’ve proven to be quite useful.

They’re on sale right now at for $9.99, or you can purchase them on for $12.99. If you’re shopping on Amazon, use this code to purchase them at 15% off the 12.99 price: MEOY47SI.

We were hosting a BBQ, which we do a lot in the warmer months, and thought that while we were smoking and grilling meat, it would be tasty to have some carnitas tacos out on the table that would be ready to eat while everyone walked in.

Basically we slow cooked a pork shoulder and when it was ready to go, we popped it out and my husband shredded it up quite easily with the claws. He definitely prefers to use hand claws over forks because they offer more control and are a lot more comfortable. Typically his hands start hurting after a while when he has to pull apart a lot of meat with forks because the edges start digging into his palms and fingers, but that wasn’t the case at all with the Cave Tools product. You can see them in action here:


Sorry the video is so short. Half of it got deleted during the import.

Would definitely recommend having them around since they don’t take up much space and you’ll be surprised by how often you’ll pull them out to use. Off the top of my head, besides carnitas, they’d also be quite useful in making everything from chicken salads and shredded meat sandwiches, to meat enchiladas and even change up how you eat a pot roast. We didn’t try it this way, but it seems it would be a lot sturdier to use these claws to slice up a big piece of meat as well.

Joyce Huang

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