Cave Tools Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer Review

Cave Tools Thermometer 3

Love. Absolutely love this Cave Tools Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer. Before I show you more pics, here’s an Amazon discount code for 15% off of it:


You can also purchase this digital food thermometer through, but the Amazon code won’t work there.

Cave Tools sent over this product so that I could review it for the site and it’s fantastic. We have a couple of food thermometers somewhere in my kitchen, but I didn’t like using them, and to be quite honest, am not even sure how accurate they were so they’ve been long forgotten. But the Cave Tools cooking thermometer is super easy to use and clean, and I trust its temperature reads, which may explain why I have been using it so often. All you have to do it turn it on, stick it into the thickest part of the meat, and you have a reading in just seconds. SECONDS! When you’re done with your read, slip the thermometer back into its cover until you are ready to wash it off. Bonus is that it has a cover with a pen clip on it so that you won’t lose it.

Cave Tools Thermometer 5

My husband christened it with some beef short ribs and pork spare ribs that he cooked for hours in the smoker.

Cave Tools Thermometer 1

Just recently I used it for meal prepping on the grill where I fired up some chicken, veggies, and steak. BTW, meal prepping is wonderful if you’re trying to stay on track with a diet, or if you are trying to get lean.

And I don’t have a picture of it, but to my surprise, I’ve been using it a lot in the kitchen when cooking up burgers. I like it because I don’t have to cut the meat open to double check if the center is still raw, i.e. with chicken burgers, since chicken needs to be cooked all of the way through.

After trying this out for a few BBQs we have had, as well as home cooking, I would high recommend this thermometer, especially since it is on sale for $13.99 right now.

Joyce Huang


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