The Salt Bagel. It’s a Magical Carb.

Growing up in the boroughs of New York, bagels have always been a staple in my diet. I’d eat them for breakfast, I’d eat them for lunch, I’d eat them for dinner. Nice, chewy and satisfying, you could give them a good schmear of anything you wanted, think cream cheese or butter, to whitefish salad […]

Nom Wah Tea Parlor NYC

So this is a bit embarrassing. I was at Nom Wah Tea Parlor for dim sum with a group and we ordered a ton of stuff because we wanted to try everything and also wanted to take home leftovers so we didn’t have to cook for the rest of the day and the waitress cut […]

Big Wong in NYC’s Chinatown

Have you ever been to Big Wong before? It’s one of my favorite restaurants to go to in NYC’s Chinatown. It’s a part food and part nostalgia reasoning for me. One, the food reminds me of real Chinese food that I grew up with. Two, my family went there a lot when I was growing […]

Commander’s Palace New Orleans

I’m so in love with Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, LA. Around since the late 1800’s, Commander’s Palace is a New Orleans landmark and deservedly so. I stopped by for brunch and it was seriously spectacular. And there was also an unexpected appearance made by Reese Witherspoon as the roaming musicians picked her up for […]


Add on one/two/three more cocktailsand this is my day. The burrito from Cafe Ollin is too much to finish.

6-2-2013 Meals

Breakfast. 2 eggs w mushroom/onion/pepper. Greens/tomato w vinegrette.  Pineapple. First fastfood fried chicken dinner in years. I feel a really bad stomach ache coming on.

Date Night at Ken & Cook

Ken & Cook is refreshing. What exactly do I mean by that? You have Artan Gjoni, formerly of Mercer Kitchen (a NYC staple) and Norwood (a space that I have rented from to hold work events), who takes an active role in this restaurant. He doesn’t sit around and order a staff to do this […]

Fried Pizza at Forcella

While I prefer the usual oven baked pizza, I certainly won’t be throwing a fried pizza out of bed. Yes, we are allowed to eat in bed in Juice’s household. I didn’t have room for much to eat when I stopped by Forcella, but had been dying to try one of their fried pizzas. I […]

One Simple Step To Make Extremely Fluffy Pancakes

One easy step to take to make incredibly fluffy pancakes? Fold in stiff egg whites. Whether you make them from scratch or use Bisquick, you will surely notice the difference. All you have to do is follow your recipe, but separate the eggs and keep the egg whites in a separate bowl. Mix in the […]

My Favorite Item at Marmara Restaurant

Holy crap, so I need to talk to you about the start bread at Marmara. To put it simply, it was good, but I still daydream about their amazing bread. It’s a Turkish sesame bread I believe, and they bake it fresh there. Warm, melt in your mouth and I just could not stop eating […]

Brunch at Spring Street Natural

Spring Street Natural is one of those places that you walk by and there are always people inside. During the warmer weather, the outside areas are always packed. While it’s not amazing food, it is simple, good and well priced, which is why people always go back. They concentrate on fresh, healthy ingredients and you […]

Barney Greengrass in the Upper West Side

It’s their 100th anniversary this year! So Momma Juice and I decided to grab a leisure brunch at Barney Greengrass. We split a smoked fish platter of bagels, butter, cream cheese, nova scotia salmon, sturgeon and whitefish. I wasn’t too crazy about the white fish, but enjoyed the buttery texture of the salmon and the […]

Brunch At Back Forty

I’ve been meaning to go to Back Forty for a while, but for some reason I hadn’t gone. Luckily, the decision was made for me when a friend reserved a table for a brunch there one day. As you can tell from the picture in my meal, it definitely isn’t a low-fat restaurant to go […]