Review of Temazcal Tequila Cantina in Boston

Definitely a place for drinks and appetizers, but you will want to skip the entrees at Temazcal Tequila Cantina in Boston no matter how pretty they look. One cool mention? Your menu is on an iPad and includes directions on how to prepare the meals, as well ratings for the different alcohols. Um, awesome!   […]

Next on My List to Learn

(Pho Pasteur in Boston) Vietnamese pork chops. If not my favorite thing to order in a Vietnamese restaurant, then definitely one of my favorite things to get. I eat every single bite dipped in fish sauce. -Joyce Huang

Lunch at Todd English’s Fig

Todd English is without a doubt a powerhouse in the food industry. Good looking and talented, everyone who knows chefs or watches television knows his name. I’ve frequented some of his New York City locations for drinks and/or food, with positive results for décor and product. However, when it came to his Boston location, Fig, […]

Skip the Trip to Osteria la Civetta

Osteria la Civetta is definitely a cute and cozy Italian restaurant, but then when I got my food, I was a bit wary. For a price of $19, I got a dish that made me wrinkle my nose at first glance.   The above picture is their Cotoletta Alla Bolognese which is a pan fried pork […]

Stuff Your Face With RedBones’s Ribs

Redbones is a great BBQ place to head to when you have a hankering for meat or beer. With a large menu, and great portion sizes, you will leave with a full belly and a doggie bag. Their fried pickles / frickles and fried Jalapenos were addicting and satisfying. The bite size allows you to […]

Summer Shack In Boston? Not So Good.

Even though the Summer Shack in Boston was quite the disappointment, I just wanted to share these pictures with you because visually, they do a great job at presentation. The highlight of the meal was my corn dog, the batter on it was wonderful. Would I ever go back to Summer Shack? Yes, but only […]

The Franklin Cafe, How’s The Food There?

The Franklin Café is hugely popular in the Boston area. I’ve heard tons of hype about the food at this place, but I’m sad to say that the dishes I tasted were good, but they definitely fell short of my expectations from what people were saying about it. It’s tasty, but it really just is […]

Gourmet Dumpling House Brings A Smile To My Face

It’s so great finding a Chinese and Taiwanese restaurant that reminds me of my childhood, and I did just that when I walked into the Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston. We were seated right away on a busy Saturday morning, and the menu was great.  They had dishes with bitter melon, pickled mustard greens, flounder […]

Drinks and Snacks at Russell House Tavern

Cambridge is so freaking cute, even if I did feel old compared to everyone there. For drinks and snacks, Mr. Juice and I stopped by Russell House Tavern. We sat by the bar in the downstairs area and enjoyed our time there. They had a variety of their own fancy drinks to choose from, and […]

B&G Oysters in Boston

B&G Oysters in Boston is a sleek restaurant that has a clean and modern seafood menu. They have lobster rolls and fried clams, which I love, and they make them pretty well. It’s not a cheap restaurant though, it’s a definitely on the fancier and pricier side. The fried Ipswich clams platter was $26 and […]

Flour Bakery? Oh, Yes Please.

I’m just going to let the pics do all the talking because everything tasted as good as it looked. Sticky pecan bun Sour cream coffee cake Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting Flour is one of the most popular bakeries in Boston. Why? Because they freakin’ know what they are doing. Moist cakes, addicting frosting, buttery […]

Union Oyster House, aka, Ye Olde Oyster House

I’ve never had genuine Boston baked beans before that weren’t out of a can or candy from Duane Reade. So during my last trip there, I had to get some, and they were really yummy. After a long walk, I stopped for a bite at the Union Oyster House/Ye Olde Oyster House and snacked on […]

Mike’s City Diner in Boston

When you wake up hungry in Bean town, where do you go? Mike’s City Diner! It fills up quickly, so if you’re not lucky enough to get that last table, get ready to wait a bit. I’d have to eat more here to see what the big deal is, because it’s hard to see why […]