Two Little Red Hens Brooklyn Blackout Cake

For my birthday this year I had to have my favorite cake. Two Little Red Hen’s Brooklyn Blackout cake. No TLRH Brooklyn Blackout cake? Then it’s like it was never my birthday. Happy Birthday everyone!!! And please ignore my hair and lack of makeup. This was me going straight from bed to cake, once I […]

Domnique Ansel Banana Bread Recipe

My mouth is watering thinking about this delectable banana bread. It was chock full of butter, but quite frankly worth every bite. With a bunch of overripe bananas in my freezer, I received an email from containing Dominique Ansel’s banana bread recipe and new that I had to try it. Not hard to make […]

Delicious, Easy, Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hmmm…so I think that when it comes to my blog, you’re going to have to imagine that you have the hands of a girl that has a height of 4’11” so that you can figure out what measurements I used. This cake was so good. Not overly sweet, but chocolate-ly and extremely moist. And I […]

Dough Loco Review

I feel like I have to explain myself when it comes to Dough Loco. Their doughnuts look so beautiful and inviting, and I’ve tried a bunch of their flavors (chocolate, raspberry Sriracha, cinnamon sugar, maple miso and pineapple brown butter), but I am just not major fan of them. I think that they make a […]

The Valentine’s Macaron Massacre

Trying to stay on a clean eating kick this week has really hindered my going out. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy at home and one of the things that I have been doing is going to food photos on my computer that I never wrote about. Apparently there are a ton. I like […]

Schmakary’s Cookies NYC

How pretty are these cookies? Months, months, months ago, we went to go see Once on Broadway. My husband absolutely loves the movie and had to see the show Once it came out. BTW, there is this song in it called ‘Falling Slowly.’ It is amazing and will bring a tear or ten to your […]

Food Porn: Sift Cupcakes

A friend of mine had these delicious Sift cupcakes delivered to me about a year and a half ago. Ever watch Food Network’s Cupcake Wars? They were one of the winners. Finding this old picture reminds me of how delicious they were. They make for a fantastic gift giving option for a loved on in […]

La Bella Ferrara NYC

La Bella Ferrara is my favorite spot in Little Italy to pick up Italian Pastries. It’s a small spot and they no longer have a café area to sit in, but it is definitely worth stopping in to get desserts to snack on or bring home. Italian sandwich cookies (no clue what the real name […]

Dough Loco Doughnuts

I never take my husband for granted. And when I wake up to roses (because they are one of my favorite smells) and doughnuts (because I love a good doughnut), I know that he never takes me for granted as well. Featured here are Dough Loco doughnuts. From top left to top right, and bottom […]

Christmas Dinner 2013

I like Italian-themed Christmas dinners when it comes to the food portion of the evening. With American Christmas dinners, it feels too similar to Thanksgiving. Plus, I love me some pasta. When I was a teenager, I would go to my ex-boyfriend’s aunt and granny’s home to eat and eat and eat. On Christmas Eve […]

Two Little Red Hens Bakery

Two Little Red Hens is my go-to bakery for cakes. Located in the Upper East Side, it’s also pretty convenient for me to go to, so that might play into it as well. Their cakes are just so scrumptious. And even when you think you are just way to full, you just think to yourself, […]

I Die For: Chantilly Cream Filled Eclairs

I have this problem. Whenever I go into La Tropezienne, I find myself wandering over to their eclairs. I’m not a huge fan of their regular eclairs, but I absolutely die for their Chantilly cream filled eclairs. It is pure food Heaven. You must try them! I could eat a whole box of them if […]

Momofuku Crack Pie Recipe

When I was watching The Mind of a Chef with David Chang I decided to bake one of the desserts from his Momofuku Milk Bar establishment, the Crack Pie to kind of go with the theme of the show. Also, if you have Netflix, the entire season is on their instant watching and I would […]

Where to Eat in Kauai

Hi all! Still swamped with Am really excited about all the press we have been getting, if you haven’t seen it yet, check us out, we’ve been on the Today Show, in OK! mag, on and more! Woohoo!! However, I am sad that I haven’t been able to write on Chasing James Beard […]

Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! EAT A LOT, LAUGH A LOT AND LOVE A LOT. Vanilla/chocolate and eggnog cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake in Soho. 111 Mercer Street  New York, NY 10012