Cascabel NYC


Cascabel Taqueria is a standard for great tacos in the Upper East Side. It’s not new, but it’s always been a place to go for great food. You always know what you are getting when you go there.

And sorry for the small pics, my old one broke and my pics are weirdly sized now.

Back to Cascabel. Put it this way. Very soon after opening up at their first location, their intense popularity pushed them out into a bigger spot two doors down. My first visit there, god knows how many years ago, made me want to NOT go back because the service was so bad, and guacamole that we asked for 5 times never made it to our table. However, they did a complete about face and I’ve been back multiple times.

I love how fresh and tasty their ingredients are. And you definitely never leave hungry. I mean, seriously, these are some elegant, delicious and hearty portions.


Choice of sauces at the table.



Chips and guacamole.


Cangrejo y Maiz Frito: Blue crab/corn/fresh salsa/piquillo pepper aioli


Baja Fish Tacos: Corn meal crusted tilapia/cabbage carrot cumin slaw/chipotle aioli


Carne Asada Tacos: slice yucatan achiote strip steak/oyster mushroom/house made crème/crispy shallots/cilantro

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