Caramelized Bacon Recipe, SO-FREAKING-GOOD

I was flipping through the December 2012 issues of Food & Wine magazine and came across a recipe for what was called, Bacon Candy. I like bacon. I like sugar. Why not?

When I first bit into it you get this fantastic crunch from the carmelized sugar, followed by salt, followed by sweet, ending with sweet and a tiny bit of smoke and heat. It’s divine!

You can find the exact recipe from the magazine here.

I didn’t want 20 slices of bacon, just a few, and I wanted to spice it up a bit. So what I did was:


4 slices of bacon

2 TBS of light brown sugar

Big pinch of chili powder

Medium-Large pinch of cayenne pepper

Now What?

Heat the oven to 400 degrees.

Lay bacon on a foil lined pan.

Mix together the sugar, chili and cayenne together well. Coat each slice of bacon with this mixture. If you want it on the sweeter side, just load it up more than I did in the above picture.

Pop into the oven.

I pulled mine out at nine minutes. You can go a little longer if you want it a bit more burnt. It smelled like BBQ ribs.

-Joyce Huang



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