Capizzi Pizzeria and Wine Bar

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Steve Harvey proclaimed Capizzi Pizzeria and Wine Bar his favorite pizza in New York City, so when they had a press dinner, I knew I had to stop by. I never ever get tired of eating a really good pizza.

Sorry for the dark images, I hate using a flash or extra lighting because as you know, I hate disturbing surrounding tables.

Capizzi was filled at every table when we got there, but the turnover is pretty quick because the food comes super fast. When you walk in, it kind of looks like an Italian grandmother’s house, but with a café. Well at least it looks like one of my ex’s Italian grandmother’s house, minus the steak knives and salt ‘n’ pepper shakers she would ‘borrow’ from Red Lobster and Sizzler. That woman could cook.

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I started off with a glow-in-the-dark, homemade lemonade.

Yes, I am kidding about the glow-in-the-dark part, so please don’t request that when you go. The lemonade was nice and tart. I hate it when lemonade is all sweet, I need that tartness in it for it to be satisfying.

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For food we started on Spinach Rice Balls and they were absolutely delicious. The outside crust was nice, thin and crunchy, but not heavy or greasy at all. I really loved how perfectly cooked the rice was on the inside. They weren’t mushy in any way. I would definitely get these again when I go back.

Next we started on their pizzas. Capizzi makes brick oven style pizzas. I would recommend one pizza per person, but if you get toppings, they really load it up nicely, so those are really filling and you will probably have a slice leftover for breakfast in the morning. Patrick and I ordered a Margherita Pizza and a Euro Pizza.

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Margherita Pizza- I always get a plain pizza or Margherita to try, I’m not sure why. This is not your typical Margherita pizza. Normally it comes with fresh basil, which gives it a bright and green accent looks-wise and taste-wise. It looks like they chose to forego the basil, but there was a nice saltiness to the pizza, so I’m guessing basil got swapped for Parmesan cheese. It ended up being a brick oven pizza that was reminiscent of a large New York style slice.

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Euro Pizza- Loved this pie. It was layered with really nice Mozzarella, sopresatta, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil. The combination was fantastic and really hearty.

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Just on a side note. They will bring you chili olive oil, and I would highly recommend tasting it. It’s so wonderful and tasted great on everything that we drizzled it on. It’s inspired me to make a bottle at home…at some point…I’m lying, I’ll probably just go back to the pizzeria.

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I knew I had to have dessert, and while I was eyeing on the Oreo Truffle Cannoli on the Special’s board, I think that a really well-made Tiramisu is incredibly satisfying, so that’s what we went with. Let me just say, it was like a birthday party on a plate. Our waiter really went to town decorating that thing and it brought a smile to our faces. It’s quite amazing how straight he got those sauce lines from doing it freehand (I assume). The tiramisu itself was light, creamy, just the right amount of sweet and had us leaving on a very good note.


547 9th Ave

New York, NY 10018

(212) 695-6900

Joyce Huang


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