Canadian Apple Butter Recipe

Canadian Apple Butter 1000

Anyone who has ever gone apple picking knows that for the next few weeks you’re baking and cooking with apples whenever you can. This is where Canadian apple butter comes in.

So, I’m not really sure if it’s actually called Canadian apple butter, but all I know is that I had apple butter in Canada in my early 20’s and fell in love. It was apple-y and buttery. So creamy and decadent tasting. And then I finished my jar and went to a supermarket in America and bought apple butter and was like, this tastes nothing like what I bought in Canada. I’ve tried many an apple butter in the states trying to find what I was looking for, to no avail. Everything just tasted more like applesauce than what I craved. And the version I was looking for, was also lighter in color.

After my last apple picking trip, I looked up apple butter recipes and found ones that actually incorporated butter into it. That was the key! I just needed to make it myself. I can’t even express to you how wonderful this tastes spread on graham crackers. I didn’t know I could like graham crackers so much.

Canadian apple butter 1

Ingredients for 2 Jars

8 apples (I had a mix of apples and used a mix of tart and sweet ones)

¼ cup good maple syrup

¼ brown sugar

2 TBS butter

Small splash of vanilla extract

Now What?

Peel all of the apples. Dice up into equal parts and cook over a medium heat for a few minutes, and then low heat, with the vanilla, sugar and syrup until it is cooked through and apples can be easily cut with a fork or butter knife. Pour everything into a blender and blend until it looks like applesauce. When blended, make sure to leave the detachable part of the blender top off, and instead, fold up a kitchen towel and use that to cover it while blended. By not doing so, the steam can build up and pop the blender top off, which is dangerous since the mixture is hot. Next, mix in the butter. Divide into jars and keep in refrigerator.

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