Cakey Almond Macarons

Apparently not all the macarons are the same. I am use to eating the delicate egg white cookies that sandwich a fruit or buttercream filling. But when stopping at La Tropezienne for a baguette, I started chatting with another patron there who told me that she was addicted to these chewy cookies and when I inquired about them at the counter, the gentleman told me that they were macarons. So I purchased a couple to taste and they were extremely chewy. It was two chewy almond paste cookies that sandwiched a gooey filling. OK, and I am really stressing the chewy part here. So not chewy like a chocolate chip cookies, but extremely chewy like a pignoli cookie. You must love almonds or almond paste in order to eat this cookie and luckily I do. I even love the smell of almond oils, so lovely. The nutty flavor of this cookie is intense. And it’s not really a matter of choosing if the lighter version is better or the cake version because they just seem like two different types of cookies.

After doing more research, it looks like these denser macarons (definitely not light at all) come from a particular region in France. Wiki says: The city of Amiens’ macaron consists of almond, fruit and honey, and dates back to 16th century. They are chewier and not as sweet as the Paris macaron.

So there you go. I learned something new.

-Joyce Huang

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