Cafe Borgia Serves Up a Really Bad Pasta

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I want to say that the food here sucks, but it might be unfair of me to do that. If you are a fan of Café Borgia, it is probably safe to say that you know what to order here. I ordered the wrong thing apparently. Feeling the need for something filling, I ordered an iced espresso with ice cream and whipped cream. Tasty! And then followed that up with a vegetable pasta alfredo. Not tasty. The second I saw my pasta, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “I wish I got the pancakes.” It was obvious that the vegetables were frozen, not fresh and the sauce tasted like it came from a jar. One of my friends who ordered the chicken pasta alfredo was equally disappointed. It was sooooo bad. However, another friend of mine ordered the omelet and loved it. She also told us later on that the breakfast dishes in the café were really good and probably should have mentioned that earlier. C’est la vie.

Would I recommend this place? No. Would I go back if I happened to be in the Soho area and wanted to have a coffee or grab a quick and affordable bite to eat? Yes. They have a variety of paninis, sandwiches and salads that look like they can’t be messed up. It’s just an average establishment with an average menu.

4.0 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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