Buy of the Week: Pistachio Cream

I was so excited wit h my pistachio cream purchase, not because I was looking around for it for a while, but because I saw it, had never had it before and then realized that I needed it. On my way home I was thinking of what to do with it, maybe I could make a cake, maybe I could use it like nutella, and then when I got home and tasted it, I realized that maybe I could just eat it out of the jar with a spoon because it tastes that good. It’s pretty much the pistachio version of creamy peanut butter.

It’s definitely sweeter and not as firm, but the similarities are unmistakable. One problem? It’s addicting, so me eating it by the spoonful isn’t the best thing for my waist  line and my booty. One small jar cost me about $8. My granny would love this, so I definitely have to pick up a jar for her. I bet it would taste fantastic drizzled over cake or ice cream. Excuse me while I go and eat some more.

-Joyce Huang

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