Butter Cookies In A Tin


As an adult I always have to have a container of these butter cookies in my home.


I think it’s because when I was little, it was always such a disappointment to open up the blue container to only find SEWING MATERIALS inside of it. D’oh. You guys know what I’m talking about right?

The sugar topped, pretzel shaped ones were my favorite and still are.

That is all for tonight. I have to make the bed, prep some food for tomorrow, watch some YouTube videos, and get a few hours of sleep. I mean, not that I have to in the sense that someone is holding a gun to my head. More in the sense that I have to because I am adult. It’s a tradeoff. You get more responsibilities, but all of the goddamn butter cookies you want to eat. Which incidentally, isn’t a lot. I just find it comforting having them for some reason.


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