Burger King Mac n’Cheetos Review

mac and cheetos 1 Who got their hands on some Burger King Mac n’Cheetos? This lady right here. And they were freaking good. It actually is a good product that was well conceived and executed nicely. Someone’s getting a bonus.

When I went to go get them, I wasn’t sure if the Burger King I was heading to would even have them. But then I saw a big ass sign saying that they were there and then I got a stupid, toothy grin on my face that I couldn’t wipe off. So excited!

I’m not a huge fast food type of person. And to be honest, usually when I do it’s because I’m in Texas and they have different chains that I haven’t tried before, so I’ll stop in there just to taste their products. But, this just goes to show you what a good food-hybrid product can do to a food-obsessed person such as myself.

mac and cheetos 3

#MacnCheetos definitely look like a cheese puff from the outside. The fried shell acts as the crunch and flavor of a Cheeto. On the inside you have hearty macaroni and cheese. Not a cheese overload, just cheesy goodness.

They taste good fresh, but they taste great/even better if you just wait a bit for them to cool down. This allows the shell to harden a bit so that you get more of a crunch when you bite into it and gives off more of a Cheetos texture and flavor.

mac and cheetos 4 mac and cheetos 4

Definitely stop in to get some as they are on a trial run right now. And be sure to have liquids handy. You’re going to be a bit thirsty after from the sodium content.

BTW, it tastes delicious with Sriracha.

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