Buckfast Tonic Wine, The Drink They’re Trying To Ban In Scotland

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The bartender poured us each half a single rock glass of Buckfast tonic wine knowing that we appreciated trying new things. When he saw me sipping on it, he informed me that we would be better off just shooting it. So we did. It reminded me of a syrupy medicine that was slightly flavored with butterscotch.  After that, other inquisitive customers were asking what it was, wishing that they could have been the lucky recipients of it. And then when we heard him say that they were trying to ban it in Scotland, we gave each other double takes.

After a day of casual drinking with various friends, this was one of the last drinks of the night. Yes, the night, not day. It made me peppier and upbeat. I had to google this drink when I got home because I couldn’t understand why Scotland, a land that produces and intakes a large amount of alcohol would want to ban something like this. And that’s when I read that one bottle of it contains the same caffeine of eight coca-colas. You read that right, EIGHT!

The original recipe was originally produced by Benedictine monks in Buckfast Abbey as a tonic that was good for one’s health. However the recipe has changed for mass market appeal and I have to say, that if you cannot handle caffeine, stay away from it. But you are also talking to a girl whose friend says that she “shakes like a Chihuahua” after one coffee. By the time I got home an hour later after drinking it, I took my pulse and –dude- it was beating strong and extremely fast. I was in a happy mood, but at the same time was slightly concerned that my heart was about to pippity-pop out of my chest. For Mr. Juice and D who are caffeine fiends, the small amount wouldn’t have affected them, but for me it definitely did.

Why are they banning it in Scotland? Apparently this tonic wine has been associated with many crimes in Scotland and the bottle has even been used as a weapon in a good amount of these events as well. But I guess that that could be said for alcohol in general, don’t you? Do I recommend it? I’m really not sure. I’ll let you know when-Joyce Huang
my heart stops racing.

-Joyce Huang

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