Brunch at Spring Street Natural

Spring Street Natural is one of those places that you walk by and there are always people inside. During the warmer weather, the outside areas are always packed. While it’s not amazing food, it is simple, good and well priced, which is why people always go back. They concentrate on fresh, healthy ingredients and you can taste it. Brunch the other day started with a pretty bread basket, the oats bread good, the orange one not so much. I’m guessing it had something to do with pumpkin because of the color, but the texture was off and a bit gummy. Pass.

My Mayan eggs were a nice way to start my day. It’s something that could be really heavy elsewhere (not that I would have minded), but they kept it nice and light. I didn’t feel like I had to waddle out of there when I was done eating. You could taste each ingredient that was used and I must say, they have a very yummy guacamole. This dish consisted of three eggs on a crunchy tortilla,  guacomole, black beans, Monterey jack cheese, onions and ranchero sauce. While I think it could have used a touch more cheese and the sauce could use a bit more of a punch, the bite of the tortilla was very lovely. I was expecting it to come out soggy, but it wasn’t at all. Mr. Juice was a bit disappointed in his chicken sandwich, but I thought that it was good.

Just something to keep in mind for their food, it’s all about natural and gentle. You’re not going to get something that hits you hard, but it is still enjoyable.

6.5 out of 10

Spring Street Natural

62 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012

-Joyce Huang
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