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I’ve been meaning to go to Back Forty for a while, but for some reason I hadn’t gone. Luckily, the decision was made for me when a friend reserved a table for a brunch there one day. As you can tell from the picture in my meal, it definitely isn’t a low-fat restaurant to go to. The food is filling, rich and so homey.

I got to taste:

Pork Jowl Nuggets in jalapeno jam: The nuggets were basically fried cubes of pork fat, so if you are looking for lean meat, steer clear of this dish. The jowl is a part of the pig’s head. Honestly, the were OK, but even though I love fat, I wasn’t a huge fan of these. However, the jalapeno jam was freaking amazing. Sweet, spicy and so delicious. I asked if they would sell some to go, but the waitress said no. So I then tried to replicate it at home to disastrous results. Oh don’t worry, you’ll be hearing about that later. But if anything, if you’ve never had jalapeno jam before, just get this dish to try it.

Chicken liver mousse with cracklins and toast: If you like liver, you can’t go wrong with this dish, it’s very straight forward and the cracklins are fun to try in case you’ve never had them before. Think of a harder pork rind (the ones you buy in the potato chip aisle of the deli) and slightly smellier in taster. Yes, I wrote smellier in taster, after all I believe that cracklins are made from intestines.

Heritage bacon: nothing really special about it, it just tasted like lean bacon and bacon is always good no matter what.

Biscuits and roasted picnic ham with a fried egg and tomato red eye gravy: OK, so I absolutely loved the biscuits and creamy gravy, it was savory, mouthwatering and you can eat it all day. However, I had some beef with my ham, (not that I had some beef with my ham, but I had some issues with my ham) and that is because I was expecting like thick slices of ham that you get at Christmas time where is nice and pink and oh so delicious, but I didn’t. Instead I got what can be described as in taste, as really thin pork chops or slices of pork loin. Very far from that hammy flavor and texture which is why I got this dish in the first place. Bummer.

6.5 out of 10

190 Avenue B, New York NY10009

(At 12th St)

-Joyce Huang
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