Bird’s Nest Soup

I wish I could say that I tried it, but I wasn’t brave enough. My mom got a gift of bird’s nest soup because they supposedly have a lot of health benefits. Now when I say bird’s nest soup, I mean that they are literally made from bird’s nest. Not any random bird’s nest though. These are nests from birds in Asia that make them out of their own saliva. So don’t go picking out nests from trees in your neighborhood and boiling them.

My mom says that the ones she has had before have been sweetened, and that they have a sticky and gelatinous texture.

It sounds lovely from what she says. Like a dessert soup. However, I just could not bring myself to eat one. And I know that they are very expensive, so I should have just sucked it up, literally, due to the great opportunity. Maybe on my next visit I can bring myself to taste a bit of it.

What is weird is that I eat meat. Bloody flesh is a lot more revolting than bird saliva, don’t you think? OK, next visit, I’m going to make myself taste a little bit.

The funny thing is that when I asked my grandmother what it tasted like, she replied with, “I wouldn’t dare eat that.”

-Joyce Huang

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