Big Wong in NYC’s Chinatown

Big Wong

Have you ever been to Big Wong before? It’s one of my favorite restaurants to go to in NYC’s Chinatown. It’s a part food and part nostalgia reasoning for me. One, the food reminds me of real Chinese food that I grew up with. Two, my family went there a lot when I was growing up. At one point, when I was little, I took classes at the Chinese community center across the street from it. When my grandmother would pick me up, she would take me across the street for an egg noodle and wonton soup. Delicious and it was under $5 a bowl. Actually, I think that today it is still under $5 a bowl, how freaking amazing is that?

Big Wong 4

Big Wong 3

Big Wong 5

Big Wong 2

Some of my favorite dishes to get there are the BBQ spareribs, any of their roasted meats, fried dough, congee, wonton and egg noodle soup (I usually get duck on top as well) and boiled chicken with extra ginger and scallion sauce. It is complete and utter comfort food for me. Bonus is that you can eat a lot without spending a ton of moola.


Big Wong

67 Mott St.

New York, NY 10013
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