B&G Oysters in Boston

B&G Oysters in Boston is a sleek restaurant that has a clean and modern seafood menu. They have lobster rolls and fried clams, which I love, and they make them pretty well. It’s not a cheap restaurant though, it’s a definitely on the fancier and pricier side. The fried Ipswich clams platter was $26 and the French lobster roll was $27.  I would say that it’s worth the money, but only because it’s in Boston. If it were in NYC, I probably wouldn’t return because I could get better food for less money.  Boston has some good food, but so far, from what I have had, it’s not on par with NYC at all, simply because it’s not that big of a city, so there are less options than say there are in New York City. Would I go back? Yes, because it is one of the better restaurants that I’ve been to in Boston, and while I probably will order these platters again, I can’t say that I will be happy about paying those high prices.

7 out of 10

B&G Oysters

550 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02116

-Joyce Huang
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