Better Late Than Never: Mooncakes

I’ve been eating a lot of moon cakes lately because of the recent Moon Festival so I had to do a post on them. Basically the outside layer is made of a really thin, but beautifully designed cake layer and the inside is filled with a thick paste. My particular favorites are pineapple, lotus seed and any that have salted egg yolks on the inside. They’re not the healthiest things to eat, and not everyone loves them. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that people probably hate them, but luckily I’m not one of them. You can buy the big ones that are about 3-4 inches wide, or there are also individual serving cakes as well, which I prefer simply for portion control.

The story behind mooncakes is that when the Han people in China were trying to fight against the Mongolians, they had to find a way to band together without the Mongolians finding out. So what they did was make these cakes and slip notes into them. I think I have read before that sometimes messages were also hidden in the design on top of them as well.

I kind of wish I stocked up on more, but right now I have about a box of them in my freezer so I’m hoping that I will be sick of eating them at some point instead of craving more, because otherwise I will have to wait till the next Moon Festival.

-Joyce Huang

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