Beers And Lunch At The Portsmouth Brewery

My feet hurt and the restaurant I wanted to lunch at was closed till dinner time, so I was extremely cranky and not expecting much when I walked into the Portsmouth Brewery. Why did I walk into something that sounds and looks like a tourist trap? Because, it’s the only restaurant that serves lunch at 2PM in the area of Portsmouth, NH that I was in. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty everything was.

The Portsmouth Brewery actually makes their own beers, and although I don’t normally drink them, the hot sun had me craving one. I sampled the Coffee Milk Stout, which was like a Guiness, but slightly sweeter, and the Black IPA, which went down so smoothly. I had a nice buzz going on by the end of the meal.

On to the food!

These coconut curry mussels were flavorful and so big. They were meaty and Mr. Juice and I could not get enough of the broth.

For a dish that can be really greasy, I’m happy to say that their fish and chips were light and fresh tasting. The batter was excellent, and after nagging Mr. Juice to try some, he ended up devouring a whole piece by himself. The fries were great too and I chowed down as many as my belly would allow me to.

OK, so the chili was nothing to write home about, but between the beers and rest of the food, I was one happy Asian.

Portsmouth Brewery

56 Market St

Portsmouth, NH 03801

6.5 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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