Basic Chinese Noodle Recipe

It tasted good. It just doesn’t look that great, lol. My grandmother makes the simplest, but amazing, basic Chinese noodles. I can’t roll out and cut that dough like she does, but this was my attempt at them and I have to say that eating them was very comforting. Think of it as home cooking for me.

I tried to remember how my grandmother went about making them. This is my best replication of them at this point and it will have to do till I get more practice to make them prettier.


All-purpose flour

Boiled water with a pinch of salt

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

Now What?


I filled a bowl with all-purpose water and slowly starting mixing in boiled water a little bit at the time with a wooden spoon (my grandmother uses chopsticks). When it formed a sticky dough that was moldable, I scraped it out onto a well-floured surface and kept kneading it till everything was well mixed. Next I worked it into a ball and put it back into the ball to let it rest. I don’t know why I have to do that, that’s just what my grandmother does.


After waiting 20-30 minutes, I formed a short bread loaf with the dough and cut off a chunk of it. Then I took a rolling pin and rolled out the dough very thin. Think as thin as you want to eat the noodles. Ideally you want to form a rectangle, however, I just couldn’t get it to shape that well.

Once it’s rolled out, flour the dough’s surface and fold it back and forth.

To the right.

To the left.

To the right.


Then take a good knife and slice the dough to make the noodles. Repeat all these steps with the rest of the dough.


I shook out the noodles onto a tray to make sure that it wasn’t stuck together. Once I get really good at this, I won’t have to shake them out anymore. I will be able to toss them into the cooking water all folded with no clumping. When I was ready to cook it, I put it into a pot of boiling water. When the noodles rose to the top I took them out.

Toss with soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil and you are good to go!

-Joyce Huang

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