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[The Tasting]

I am a bacon lover. It’s one of my downfalls in life. That’s why I could never be in the CIA. I’d give up national secrets for a big plate of crispy, smoky and mouthwatering strips of bacon.

BarBacon 5

[Either a Rye or Bourbon, I tasted a few that day.]

A while back I headed to BarBacon to have some bourbon and bacon. While I was slightly disappointed in the way they used bacon in their menu, ie bacon was more of an accent in the majority of dishes, versus the star, they do have a bacon flight called The Tasting that I would get again. It’s a mix of artisanal bacons that are delicious and definitely of high quality. Different types of bacon included jalapeno bacon, pepper bacon and I think a type of maple bacon.

BarBacon 2

[This was not a good dish. We ordered it for the hush puppies, which were burnt, but the combination of BBQ sauce poured on the bacon strips was just a bad idea.]

BarBacon 4

[Grilled Cheese]

BarBacon 3


While the rest of the food wasn’t bad in anyway, actually it was very tasty, I wasn’t really getting ‘bacon bar’ from the dishes. I excepted the dishes to be planned around bacon, and not just be dishes with bacon in it. For example, their burger was good, but as a bacon bar, why not ground up some bacon and incorporate it into the patty, versus just putting strips on top? Or for dessert, they have an ice cream sundae with a bacon topping, but why not just go all out and make bacon ice cream?

This place has a lot of possibilities as a bacon bar, so I hope that they expand their menu more to really focus on their star ingredient. Also, hopefully they have had some time to settle in. While we waited an hour for a table, since there was a group of us, we also had to wait an hour for our food.

Joyce Huang


836 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

(646) 362-0622

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