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Food-wise, in 2016, all I wanted to eat was delicious foods, no matter if I was going to gain weight. Which I did…like a good amount. Enough so that I think one of my favorite pairs of jeans only goes up to my knees at this point. If you check out my Daily Food Diary, which I have been trying to keep up-to-date, you can see there has been a lot of cake, chocolate, pasta, brisket, and just mouthwatering goodness.

I’m not crying over calories, there’s just too many goddamn good things to eat in the world. Plus, I know if I try hard, I can lose the weight in like a month or two. Probably not going to happen since I feel that there are still many wonderful things to eat and my weight has been on the back burner because of this, but it is a new year, so maybe I should start worrying about my health again.

BUT, going through pictures on my phone, some of the wonderful things I ate this winter were Taiwanese baos at Baohaus. Crap, mouth started watering thinking about it and I literally just ate my second dinner. In this picture there is a Chairman Bao and Birdhaus Bao. Former is made with Berkshire pork belly and the latter with fried chicken hat has been brined for 24 hours. Then for dessert there were Sweet Bao Fries, which are steamed Bao bred that has been fried and drizzled with Pandan. And before you go crazy about all of the carbs in this photo, I did share this with my husband! After all…we needed to save room for chicken nuggets that we were getting afterwards.

Hmm…I see a Military Diet in my future.


238 E 14th Str.

New York, NY 10003

Joyce Huang

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